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Welcome to Dissension

10man Raiding/Social Guild

Dissension's Code

We Raid for Fun and Progression, not Gear.

Maturity is not an age, but an attitude.

Drama, Greed and Selfishness do not have a place here.
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A bit about Our Leadership

zaganjenkins, Jun 16, 10 8:19 AM.
Dissension is ran by

Zágan (Demonsbane)

I have ICC experience of 11/12.
  I like to keep our Raids fun and keep moral high, which is why we find we progress fast in our Raids.
We all strive for the same thing, and that is to progress as far as possible with having as much fun as we can along the way.

This is a are made for fun....we want to keep this game stress free and fun for all :)

Come Cataclysm, Dissension will become a Social Raiding Guild. This means less focus will be set on the Raiding aspect than has been in the past, and more focus will be set on enjoying the game and exploring the new content....having fun as a Guild.

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